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Data protection statement
This website operates in Hungary as managed by ClinTrial Audit Kft, a company with a head office in Hungary. ClinTrial Audit Kft has been registered by the Court of Hajdú-Bihar County acting as a Company Court, under company registry number Cg.09-09-011662; our registered seat is at Komlóssy út 56. 3/13., Debrecen, Hungary 4032; our tax number is 13515391-2-09.
This section defines how we handle and protect information that you make available to us while using our website. Should you have any questions or comments regarding this material, please approach us through one of our contacts before using our website.
Our website may change from time to time due to various updates. In light of this, it is advisable to visit us regularly so that you can follow up the changes with respect to their acceptability.
What information do we collect about you?
Generally, it is possible for you to use this website in such a way that you do not give us any information. However, we do ask for data related to you on certain sites. The information may include your name and contact information, including your email address.
Part of the information we collect is classified as “Personal Data” by Hungary’s Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Data of Public Interest (“Data Protection Law”). This means that the data can be linked to you, or that you can be personally identified based on the data. We do not collect “Special Categories of Data”. Special Categories of Data include information on your racial origin, national or ethnic minority status, political opinion and party preference, religious or other conviction, union membership, health condition, addiction, sexual orientation, as well as personal criminal record data.
These guidelines use the terms “Personal Data” and “Information related to you” as synonymic in meaning.
What do we do with information related to you?
We use information related to you for the exclusive purpose of sending newsletters.
We advise you that in handling information related to you, only automated data processing carried out with information technology equipment may take place. Should you have any questions regarding the mathematical method and its core essence as used during automated data processing or wish to state your point of view in relation to this, please approach us through one of our contacts.
How do we collect the information?
Information related to you is collected using a single method: when you provide us with it through the website.
We only keep information related to you for as long as it is required to achieve the objective for which it was collected, or for as long as allowed by any contract or legislative rule.
We do not collet information to an unnecessary extent or information that is unnecessary to achieve the designated objective.
We obtain from you the consent for the handling of Personal Data as prescribed by the Data Protection Law in a separate text box on the web interface.
How do we collect the information?
When you visit this website, automated collection of technical information from which you cannot be personally identified may also occur. For example, the name of another website which directed you to this website. Collecting such information helps us recognize the preferred search habits of our website’s users. This information will only be used internally and may serve as a basis for research related to your demographic data as well as areas of interest.
Anonymous data or those of a general nature, from which you cannot be personally identified, are not classified as Personal Data and are not subject to these guidelines.
With whom do we share information related to you?
We do not disclose Personal Data related to you to a third party without your permission unless:
  • the disclosure of information related to you to other companies, financial institutions or policing authorities is necessary or advantageous for crime prevention or customer protection purposes (as defined by law);
  • doing so is prescribed or allowed by law.

In case your Personal Data are shared with a carefully selected third party or a third party listed above, we will in each case comply with the provisions of data protection legislative rules through contract terms between us and the third party to ensure that the third party:
  • may not use your Personal Data for purposes other than those designated by us or contained in these guidelines, and
  • will implement adequate safety measures to protect your Personal Data from unauthorized or illegal data handling as well as being damaged or destroyed for any reason.

We only share with a third party when we have verified beforehand that your Personal Data will be treated to at least as high a level of protection as prescribed to us by data protection legislation.
We will make all necessary precautions to ensure that our employees who have access to information related to you receive appropriate training and thereby be able to handle the information in accordance with these guidelines and the obligations described by data protection legislation. Our employees who fail to satisfy such obligations of theirs will be subject to disciplinary action if necessary.
What do we do to protect information related to you?
We are obliged to ensure the protection of information related to you. In order to prevent the data from unauthorized disclosure, use, modification, destruction, or transfer, we have implemented reasonable physical, electronic and management measures to protect the information collected about you. In doing this, we pay special attention to stopping any illegal or unauthorized action during the handling of your Personal Data. Nevertheless, we cannot fully guarantee the safety of your information even with these measures.

We protect the safety of your information by:
  • using encoding where this is possible;
  • using password protection where this is applicable; and
  • restricting access to the information (e.g. allowing access by those employees only for whom this is necessary to achieve the objectives mentioned above).

Pleas help us protect the information by not using obvious login names or passwords and by changing your password regularly; please also do not disclose your password to another person.
This website may contain links to other websites outside our control, and other websites outside our control may also provide such possibilities towards this website. Although we do everything that we can to only offer links to websites with a level of protection matching our own safety and privacy guidelines, if you leave this website, we cannot be accountable for the safety of any information you supply on other sites. It is recommended to exercise precaution and study the confidentiality documents on such websites.
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