Coronavirus counseling

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imMed’s professional team is unique in providing you with first-hand information related to the COVID-19 epidemic, covering areas such as disease symptoms, natural history, and phases, treatment options, and necessity of hospitalization. We offer you the chance to tell our colleague about your complaints, symptoms, and questions, all within a virtual visit through online video or over the phone, at zero risk of infection. 

Without exception, our staff work in the first line of infectious disease care, with unmatched experience in the nature and diagnostic options of coronavirus infection, as well as the reliability and applicability of various tests and protective equipment.

  • Based on knowledge of the ways of transmission, we advise e.g. on everyday use of required protective equipment and similar inquiries. 
  • If you have respiratory complaints, we help identify the most likely pathogen for your symptoms. 
  • We help by outlining an alternative diagnosis, which is important since many other viruses and bacteria can cause upper respiratory tract complaints or pneumonia similar to coronavirus infection. 
  • We advise on the optimum management for you if your complaints require that you to be treated by a health care institution.
  • If you purchased an antigen or antibody based rapid test kit, we help you interpret the results, which can often be a challenge even for doctors or health workers not particularly experienced in infectious disease care. 
  • Clients with underlying conditions or medical findings from another provider can electronically forward or upload their records to our system, and we will help to interpret them. 
  • For questions on potential antiviral or immunological treatment protocols, we offer our opinion in light of the available data and standard practice. 

Please remember that online consultancy is not a replacement for specialist medical examination. However, in the current outbreak situation, remote online counseling gives you an opportunity to safely seek valid and satisfactory advice on questions and issues with which you normally would have personally visited your family doctor or specialist.

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Allergic/immune disease counseling

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Allergic diseases are at endemic levels in the population. Known entities include respiratory system allergies, immunological pathologies induced by dietary components (food allergies), and allergies manifesting as skin symptoms.

Their most common symptoms are:
  • long-lasting, seasonal watery eyes and runny nose,
  • itching,
  • sneezing,
  • conjunctivitis, tearing,
  • recurrent skin rashes,
  • asthmatic symptoms (dyspnea, shortness of breath, wheezing, etc.),
  • diarrhea.

Allergic diseases of high prevalence include:
  • hives,
  • eczema,
  • rhinitis and conjunctivitis,
  • asthma,
  • allergic enteritis,
  • food allergies (milk proteins, egg white, peanuts, etc.).

For clients with confirmed allergies, we offer online consultancy to find the right medicinal treatment and help with continuous monitoring of their therapy and condition.
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Hepatology counseling

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Hepatology is a scientific field covering a wide range of liver diseases. This includes both acute and chronic disorders, which may be infectious in nature, as well as metabolic, biliary pathway related or malignant diseases.
What sort of complaints mean that you should seek advice from a hepatologist? The most common complaints, which are also typical symptoms of liver diseases, are:
  • jaundice, 
  • full-body itching, 
  • occasionally, fever, 
  • changes to color of feces or urine,
  • abdominal pain under the right costal arc, 
  • joint pain,  
  • frequently, vomiting and nausea. 
The complaints are often related to consuming food. In most cases, however, the chronic viral inflammation of the liver is a non-symptomatic process, which leads to cirrhosis or even a malignant tumor in years or decades if left untreated.
Liver diseases can have many underlying causes; the most common diagnoses with which a hepatologist can help include: 
  • hepatitises caused by a virus (hepatitis A, B, C, E, Adenovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus),
  • fatty liver (steatosis),
  • liver damage caused by alcohol, drugs, chemicals,
  • autoimmune liver diseases,
  • biliary pathway disorders,
  • diseases of the liver secondary to diabetes, metabolic disorders, thyroid disease, or malignant tumors.
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Infectious disease counseling

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Mankind has a long history of co-existing with infectious diseases, which have come to the forefront of attention again due to the ongoing SARS-COV-2 pandemic. Infectious diseases are relatively easy to diagnose by detection of the pathogen (virus, bacterium, fungus, single-celled organism, helminth). 

Their general key symptoms include:

  • fever, 
  • skin rashes, 
  • enlarged lymph nodes,
  • headache, 
  • nausea and vomiting, 
  • diarrhea, 
  • abdominal pain.  

As to their natural history, infectious diseases may be of a sudden onset, causing acute symptoms for a few weeks, or present in a long lasting, chronic form. Their leading symptoms are consistent with the fact that they can affect practically all organs of the body. 

People most commonly seek medical attention for infectious diseases such as:

  • respiratory tract diseases, 
  • pharyngitis, 
  • pneumonia of various origin,
  • digestive system diseases,
  • skin and soft tissue infections, 
  • central nervous system involvement, infections of meninges and cerebral substance, 
  • transmission is possible during sex; this is the category of dermatological and venereological diseases.

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Travel/vaccination counseling

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Travel and vaccination consultancy sessions cover:
  • Available exclusively from us: information on coronavirus vaccines in the research and development pipeline.
  • Subject matter that can fit within the framework of online consultancy or a “virtual visit”: vaccination consultancy, information on travel disease prevention measure choices, travel advice, information on prophylactic drug options, selection of applicable vaccines, running of selected screening tests. 
  • The online session includes data collection: purpose of travel, country of destination, duration, assessment of ongoing illnesses that might affect the trip, and traveler’s risk profile and health condition assessment through a questionnaire received earlier or in real time with our doctors during the visit. 
  • Once these facts are known, advice focused on the client’s travel destination and health condition follows, with assessment of high-risk circumstances, and recommendations on chemical prophylaxis (prevention by drugs) and vaccination.

First sessions take around 30 minutes on average; clients already in our database and with previous vaccinations can expect sessions to take about 15 minutes.  Returning clients continue to enjoy our services and receive recommendations on optimum timing of upcoming vaccination scheduled in their prospectively set up vaccination calendar. If you do require vaccination for acute care or prevention of permanent health damage, you will still receive it through a personal visit to our office; please inquire in your online session.

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Pediatric medicine counseling

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The number of allergic children is on the rise worldwide, and allergy is now a disease at endemic levels. Specialists of our virtual outpatient office for pediatric pulmonology and allergic diseases are there to help with diagnostic workup and alleviation of symptoms (medicinal therapy, lifestyle counseling) in allergic cases (hay fever, allergic conjunctivitis, eczema, asthma).

What online visits can include
Medically indicated allergy testing and breathing function assessment (spirometry) are not possible in the current outbreak situation. However, you can share your earlier examination findings with us on screen in a virtual visit, upload them to our system prior to your session here, or send them to us attached to an email. 

We are still at your service with:

  • detailed medical history (in children, this is often much more important than subsequent equipment-assisted examinations) 
  • visual inspection of the child, symptoms assessment, general impression (not fully equivalent with a “physical” examination) 
  • presentation of diagnostic test results (skin test, allergen assessment, immune deficiency tests, historic findings) 

This is followed by spoken advice on lifestyle management and medicinal treatment or adjustment of ongoing medication dosage.

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Asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are common diseases. In addition to an inherited genetic background, their onset is substantially affected by environmental factors (smog, airborne dust concentration, climate change, allergens, and smoking).

Some of the symptoms patients typically approach us with:
  • coughin,
  • sputum discharge,
  • sensation of chest tightness,
  • pectoral wheezing,
  • dyspnea,
  • symptom aggravation upon physical exertion, stress, weather fronts, allergens, hormonal changes, etc.

If you are a confirmed, managed asthma or COPD patient, we can help you via online consultancy to monitor your medicinal treatment or learn how to use your inhalers properly. By answering your questions, we can continuously monitor your condition.

Patients who are not confirmed but experience the above symptoms will be assisted by online counseling and directed to the appropriate specialist outpatient service.
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Pediatric allergology/immunology

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Selective IgA deficiency is one of the most common, as well as the mildest, hereditary immune deficiencies. Allergic and autoimmune diseases often present in children with selective IgA deficiency. Most children with selective IgA deficiency are complaint free; however, symptomatic cases carry a high risk of recurrent respiratory tract infections. Common co-morbidities with the condition include food allergy, atopic diseases, SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, and gluten sensitivity. Our objective is to inform parents on children with primary immune deficiency (such as selective IgA deficiency) and help them with appropriate advice on how to care for, and preserve the health of, their child.

Some of the symptoms patients typically approach us with:
  • recurrent respiratory tract infections,
  • eczema,
  • frequent skin rashes,
  • abdominal pain provoked by food intake.
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